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The biggest pyramid “splog” scam in this world today – StumbleUpon =Spambleupon

Okay, I will have to tell you the truth tonight about one of the biggest social networking sites, SpambleUpon, or most people call it, StumbleUpon.

They are making so much money off bloggers, basically StumbleUpon “scrapes” bloggers’ content and makes millions of dollars off you!  Even though no one has really “sued” them, they are in big trouble if bloggers start sueing them one by one.

Google should really ban them for “splogging”, every one of SU users’ blogs are “splogs” made up of content written by bloggers li

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Zedomax Traffic Overview 2008

This is a little traffic overview so we know where the heck Zedomax will be next year… Well, it looks pretty good doesn’t it? Since last July or so, our traffic has been growing steadily and we have no idea how we did it. Well, one thing that might have helped is that we started blocking all trackbacks from splogs. Before July last year, I didn’t even know what a “splog” is but now I do… Anyways, we will actually be starting to do some real work instead of messing around all the time.

Here’s another tip

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