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DIY Multi-Touch Sphere Brings some Interesting Touch Interface to the World!

Check out this awesome multi-touch sphere that brings a new way of interacting with machines. Not only do you get a 360 degree view of what’s going on, the multi-touch interaction seems more ideal for situations like educational institutions and whatnot. Regardless how it works,

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Microsoft Sphere for the Educational Market


Here’s a cool Multi-Touch Sphere thingee in development by Microsoft.

REDMOND, Wash.– A group of academics will be among the first people outside Microsoft to see Sphere, a spherical surface computer developed by Microsoft Research.

The sphere-shaped, multitouch computer is similar to the tabletop Surface computer that Microsoft announced last year after years in development. This incarnation, however, remains a project within Microsoft Research and the company has no current pla

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730 Ton Damper Ball Keeps Building Stable!


Here’s a 730 Ton Damper Ball that keeps Taipei 101 building in Taiwan stable, even during the Chinese earthquake as shown in the video.

Here’s how it keeps it stable:

What’s interesting about the 101 is that it has a gigantic suspended tuned mass damper, or hanging ball, which takes up four stories and works like thi

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Water Bubble Sphere made!

[gv data=”zaHLwla2WiI”][/gv]

According to the speaker on video, puffs of air radially are directed at the water to make this water sphere as big as the author’s head. Very interesting to note, this might have some good uses, such as allowing your pet fish to travel with you in a bubble. How is that for a future gadget?  Please leave comments for any thoughts for future gadget uses for this. via techeblog

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Invisibilty Sphere using Cameras and Monitors

Here’s an awesome invisible sphere via hackedgadgets. You gotta check out how cool this thing is, there’s like whole bunch of monitors and the person inside it is practically invisible!

Maybe you can do this with cars too…

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