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How to Avoid Speed Traps on Your iPhone, Android or Blackberry!

I’ve mentioned PhantonAlert before, a service that lets you avoid speed traps. Well, here’s another service that’s going to help you avoid speed traps, Trapster.com. There’s an app for almost every smartphone including the iPhone, Android, or Blackberry so try it out and let me know if it does indeed work well.

As for me, I will keep relying on my old-school “magical” feel of the roads. I can see a cop a mile away when I am driving, call it &

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Driving Hack – How to tell Where the Speedtraps are and download them to your GPS!

Wow, now you can use njection.com to find out where the speed camera traps are. Since I live in San Francisco and there are so many speed traps everywhere, I did a search for my zip code and that’s what you see in the above screenshot. Pretty accurate too as I can verify some of the speed traps from back of my head.

You can also download this information to your GPS device, how cool is that?

Hopefully less tickets for you and you come back to Zedomax for more… :p

Shannon Atkin

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