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Ford’s Key with a Chip prevents Teenagers from driving over 80MPH and more Parental Control!

Well, Ford has decided to add a new Parental Control to their cars by having a Smart Key with a chip that can limit how fast your teenage daughter/son drives, how loud the stereo is played, and other features that can help your child stay out of trouble.

I think this is a really good idea and it won’t cost the car manufacturer another dime since most of that is already controlled by a car-resident computer.  The only money they will really have to spend is on the chips inside the key but that still should cost less than a quarter per chip as

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Linux Server Hack – How to Limit Bandwidth with Linux, TC, and iproute2!

Remember I did a quick post on how to write a load-balancing script (or bandwidth throttling)?

Well, today I found another cool script for limiting bandwidth.  I believe this one if more complicated but if you need it, it might be greatly helpful.

Here’s the code via Adamsinfo.com:

# Set some variables #!/bin/bash EXT_IFACE=”e

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Passenger “moons” Speeding Camera

Over at UK, a passenger of the car “moons” speeding camera.  Although this incident didn’t occur in any driving suspension as the car driver did not break any laws, it’s a good sign that people in general don’t like speeding cameras.

I propose to remove them for good as they really serve no purpose but make more money for the government.

I’ve actually gone through so many times when I tried to do emergency brakes while trying to avoid being catched on speeding camera. (when I could have leisurely gone through a yellow light)

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