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Camera DIY – How to Make a Cable Cam for Special Effects!

Yes, it’s probably true that these DIYers can help you make those special effects for the trailer of your new homemade movie.  Here’s how to make a cable cam!

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New 3D Motion Capture Video Processing!


Wow, here’s a 3D motion capture video processing that requires no markers.

I might want to use it for golf swing analysis

Special effects based on the 3D movements of real actors were once the domain of film-makers with hundreds of millions of dollars to spare. But digital motion capture could soon be within reach of low-budget film makers thanks to new software that records movement without using markers.

Studios making computer games and movies typ

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The Moon Cabinet

Cool, “The Full Moon” cabinet is painted using a special eco-friendly glow-in-the-dark paint for you get a nice image of the moon in the dark.

Created using ecologically safe paint (ELI ecolightinside), this “Fullmoon” sideboard furniture has the ability to “create special effects” in the dark. I assume that means it g

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