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Speaker DIY – How to Rebuild Speakers!


When I was in high school, I used to mess around a lot with speaker boxes.  In fact, my friend used to make custom boxes.   Although I haven’t done much with speakers lately, I will eventually get around building some in the future.

For those of you who have speakers that have degraded or gone bad, you might want to take a look at this article that shows you how to rebuild a speaker.

I think speakers are generally easy and you can surely save a lot of money by doing(building) thi

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Speaker DIY – How to Make Solar Portable Speakers!

Wow, what a day for eco-friendly DIY speakers.  Unlike the DIY speaker kit mentioned earlier, these solar portable speakers are not kits, you can make them using various speaker and solar parts mentioned in the DIY.

I have to say these solar portable speaker certainly rock over the previous one as it can power itself using the power of the sun.

Combine a small, energy efficient digital amplifier, cheap bookshelf speakers, batteries, a small solar panel, and your MP3 player as

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Speaker DIY – How to Make your own Custom Speakers!

I used to be a complete bass-head, stuffed with bunch of 12″ woofers in the back of my car.  Well, although I am not such a bass-head anymore, here’s how you can become one by making your own custom speakers.

This Instructable will cover the entire process, from sourcing components, to tips and tricks, to exotic and inspiring finishing options.

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