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DIY HACK – Sparkfun playing around with Touch Tetris

I need one of these touch Tetris where you can actually move your whole arm to guide your boxes. (If I can only do this in the warehouse where everything fits, we’d save a lot of space…) (thinking of our warehouse pictures, i forgot to updated with ALL our Mattress-in-a-box(es)…visit our mattress store within 26 hours and you can save 20% OFF our retail prices…) (By the way, the only tightest

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Nike+Ipod Serial Converter Module from Sparkfun

Check out this Ipod Serial converter module from Sparkfun. You can now communicate to your iPods with a microcontroller such as Arduino, CUBLOC or Make controller. They even have a sample VB program for you to work with. This would be great for future do-it-yourself projects! 🙂

This is a simple USB serial interface to mate with

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Red Portable Rotary Phone for $499

Check out this interesting red rotary phone from sparkfun. It looks like a regular phone but actually you can put your cellphone sim card in and use it wireless for about 4-5 hours. Lots of possibilities seems to be there for modding and hacking it.

This is the ever popular Portable Rotary Phone, now in Red! Phone comes fully assembled and tested. All you have to do is open the phone, insert your SIM card, and turn the unit on! The unit will utilize your phone number and account minutes. Phone d

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WII HACK – Wii Controller HACKED!

Here’s the guts of wii dissected by Sparkfun team showing all the parts including some type of I2C interface and Broadcom wireless solution as you can see in the above pics.

U7849 6Q63 could be anything. All those flat round things (330, 100, 4R7) are inductors 33uH, 10uH, and 4.7uH. These are predominantly used for DC to DC step-up or step-down (also called boost and buck respectively). They can also be u

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GSM / GPS modules & Arduino boards @ Spark Fun

I’ve checked out some GPS modules before but this one from sparkfun seems to be the one to use,

it’s small, easy-to-use, well, i am going to find out soon by ordering one…

It’s got a serial interface and its own RTOS and you can customize the ARM7TDMI if you want to and you are that advanced…

and try to see if i can make a gps enabled car graphic screen in 1 minute!

hehe… 🙂

Make has a nice article on it here:

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