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Craft DIY – How to Make Chest of Drawers using Matchboxes!

Do you have lots of old matchboxes running around your house?  If the answer is yes, you might want to consider making these awesome set of mini chest of drawers on your spare time.  Even if they are not for you, these DIY chest of drawers can make a great gift to any toddlers/kids or even your best friends on special occasions.

These little matchbox chest of drawers are great for keeping small treasures in or as storage for stamps, buttons or even bugs (for all the boys out there!)

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Furniture Made From Jeans!

How would you like to sit on your old jeans that have been rejuvenated back into your livingroom as a sofa?

A Japanese company is doing exactly this, you should note it costs about $400 for them to make you one, but I don’t see why not you can’t do this yourself on your spare time either.

This concept may seem to be a rather strange idea, after denim is not usually associated with furnishings, but in Japan the re-using of materials is a big thing and denim is coming through a good hard wearing and stylish covering for furniture.

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Home Improvement DIY – How to Make a Wiimote Level Tool!

Do you have extra Wiimotes lying around and you want to build one of the most accurate level tools ever using it?

Well, here’s a DIY site that explains how to make a level tool using a Wiimote in detail.  Definitely check it out if you got some spare time and future additions for home improvements.

Put the wiimote on a surface you want to use as a reference and press A.

This will start a calibration, and afterwards you can put it on a target surface to see its difference in inclin

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DIY – How to Make a 56 inch Multitouch Television!



Wow wee, this is an awesome DIY 56 inch multi-touch television!

I have built a nice multitouch display during my spare time as a hobby. In this article, I will share plans and explain how to construct a 56 inch multitouch screen that looks like a TV. It’s totaly homemade, it’s not made from an old tv but you could do so. This article is for peo

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