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3D LCD HDTVs Spamming CES 2010!

I talked to many bloggers and journalists at CES 2010, many of them thought there was too many 3D HDTVs.  Literally, 3D HDTVs “spammed” the whole show, everywhere I went there was at least one 3D HDTV including Samsung, LG, Toshiba, you name it.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great thing but I think there were too many at CES 2010.  But couple of them stood out, I liked those 3D LCD HDTVs that could be seen without 3D glasses. (Yes, without them!)  I forget which companies did that but I have videos/pictures so I will let you know.


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Note to Spammers and Hackers

Dear Spammer and Hacker who’s trying to spam this site,

STOP! Your IP addresses are being reported to FBI for interuption/spamming act.

LAMO, and stop trying to leave nasty comments, that will only get you IP-banned, this is my site, not yours.

Take your nasty comments elsewhere, spammers and hackers (without class) are not for Zedomax.com.

If you are going to leave a nasty comment, you will receive a nasty comment back.

For everyone else, sorry if the site has been down, there’s been a lot of DoS attacks we have been receiving but fighting ve

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