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LinkedIn vs. Facebook, which one do you use more?

I was browsin’ over at ReadWriteWeb today and they had an interesting article on LinkedIn versus Facebook, of which one is better for business.

Well, in my opinion, it’d definitely be LinkIn as I haven’t seen anyone have their Facebook account on their business card but I have seen numerous LinkIn profiles.

To be honest, I use neither right now as they are simply more services to keep track of.  (Well I should at least be linked in…)

The more you use these

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WordPress Anti-SPAM Plugin – Math Comments Plugin

After receiving DoS (Denial of Service) attacks from hackers and whatnot, we’ve decided to permanently place the Math Comments Plugin. Basically, robots won’t be able to waste any of our server’s precious time and bandwidth. I’ve seen almost zero SPAM comments on our other blogs such as Bedzine Mattress Store and Keetsa Mattress Store after this plugin was installed along with

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The Quarter Wiki – a new paid Online Encyclopedia!

As you know, the team of moonlighters at Zedomax.Net has been working on new paid wikis. We belive this concept of paid wikis will blow up soon and we have just started diggin’.

We first made Five Dollar Wiki, One Buck Wiki, then EntreWiki.

Now, we introduce you to the new younger brother, The Qua

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Bloggers – Promote your blog using rssHugger!

Our friend Collin LeHay from WordHugger has launched rssHugger couple days ago. You can add your RSS Feeds of your blog to this site. What does it do? Basically you get bunch of free backlinks using your RSS Feeds.

Why use it?

    rssHugger has a nice logo…
    The site might go viral so that means if rssHugger gets high Google PR on the next PageRank update, your site will also go up.

DIY HACK – How to make a SPAM Pinhole camera

Check out this Spam Pinhole camera. Yes, it’s indeed a hidden camera. At first I thought it was just a Spam opening device…

Although, if you’re up to the challenge, I’ve listed below the steps I took to create my first SPAMera. Since it’s conception, I’ve noticed other people making their own versions and I think that’s great. So if someone out there has an idea how to make the SPAMera better, please do email me how you did it and I’ll b

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Spamatek – Best FREE Spam Plug-in for MS Outlook 2003

Here’s the best anti-spam plug-in I found for MS Office 2003. A lot of spam software does work good, except you have to pay after 30 days of using it. This one is completely free and adds these little buttons that you can press to mark spam and non-spam emails. Now I spend more time reading my emails instead of getting mad at the spamming companies who have nothing better to do than spam.

After trying like 30 different spam plugins for MS Outlook, this is the best one I’ve found…

Note: Only thi

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Zedomax Weekend Thoughts – Spam email

Are you and tired of spammers? As I get about 500 to 700 spams a day, I tried to fight back by sending back a reply email w/ link to zedomax.com… well i don’t know if this will work but…

Today the cool guy told me about how it is completely legal to spam as long as you have a legal identity as a corporation.

He was telling me that even Microsoft was using spam companies to spam their stuff…

Well if we could spam our blog…that would

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