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SpaceX Falcon 1 launch video


Tight, SpaceX Falcon 1 launched and made it into space!

It looks like there’s a good chance today’s SpaceX launch will be successful – Founder Elon Musk just wrote that they made it into space. The maiden launch attempt one y

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DIY HACK – How to send a balloon to space


Make’s going to try to send a balloon to space! This is a great idea for anyone who’s trying to get something out on the outer space without using a big industrial rocket. Get PDF Here.

We’re using weather balloons to go up to approximately 100k feet armed with 4 cameras… 20 megapixels of camera! We’ll be taking shots every 7 seconds for two hours and measuring the temperature with the Make: controller and thermistors!


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Interview with Area 51 Worker on UFOs


Wow, I just ran into this, check it out. Now UFOs seem very real…

via ufo.shadowshade

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DIY HACK – The Orb – mini ITX hack project


Check out this cool orb that has a mini ITX that serves as a HTPC, Fileserver, and HTTP Server! Cool space looking design, maybe a grill was used here… You can make your next media PC like this and put it next to your TV and let your friends admire it.

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Video of northern lights!


Here’s a cool video on northern lights!

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Cool science video – Sulfur Hexafluoride Experiment: Floating Ship

[gv data=”1PJTq2xQiQ0″][/gv]

Wow, check out this sulfur hexafluoride which is denser than air lift up a metal thingee!

via via

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UFO lands on earth!


Okay, this video’s got to be fake, what are your thoughts? via metacafe

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DIY – Matchstick rocket on instructables

Check this instructables out on how to make one.

How to make a rocket from house-hold materials. It will fly from a foot to 22 feet. I have perfected the match rocket!

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DIY Tool – Epson unveils smallest GPS chip ever

Here’s the smallest GPS chip ever! Great news for us hackers and DIYers!

PhysOrg.com says “thanks to clever use of space-saving technology the S4E19863 series is the world’s smallest GPS module (7 mm x 6 mm x 1.28 mm), making it ideal for applications with limited component space, such as mobile phones. ”

Epson’s new GPS is already being massed produced and is already integrated into NTT DoCoMo’s F

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WII Hack – Google Earth interface for Wii remote.

[gv data=”PkPem-RU9XM”][/gv]

Cool nice little hack for google earth!

If air drumming or imaginary light sabers aren’t your thing, then perhaps the familiar territory of Google Earth will be enough to get you to pull your Wiimote away from Zelda long enough to run a few scripts on your PC. There’s nothing too complicated going on here, with just

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