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DIY Robot Ramen Replaces Chef in Japan!

Here’s an interesting story of a ramen-making DIY robot that can make up to 40 million different flavors of ramen.  As an avid eater of Korean and Japanese ramen, this is the most perfect idea for making ramen as robots can do them flawlessly, there’s no reason why anyone ever needs chefs for ramen anymore.

The ramen-making robot was built by 60-year-old shop owner Yoshihira Uchida, who spent about 20 million yen on its construction. Customers can place their orders on a computer in

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Lego Sushi Makes Sushi-Geeks Drool!

Here’s a perfect set of lego sushi, all definitely authentic except you probably won’t be able to dip it in real soy sauce.

Let me guess what these are.  Obviously, the one on the left is a roll with egg.  The center is shrimp sushi.

The one on the right must be tuna sushi, my favorite. (I think it’s called Maguro)

Okay, the one on the right is Ikua Roe.  (Bunch of small orange eggs, real good)


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