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Audio DIY – How to Make Audio Breakout Cable for iPod/iPhone/MP3 Player!

Do you need to separate the left and right channels for professional mixing?  Well, here’s how to make an audio breakout cable for your iPod, iPhone, or any other music device with some parts ordered from Mouser.

Have you ever wanted to plug in a professional studio mic to your ipod touch/iphone? There may be a commercial solution, but I couldn’t find one. Even if there is one, I figured I could build one cheaper than a ready-made one. You could also use this for a line-in (my

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Gastar m_iGrill Portable Propane Grills

I admit to being a BBQ-fiend, I cannot live without a grill but here’s an awesome Gastar “iGrill” that lets you plug in your favorite iPod or MP3 player to play music while you cook using the 8500 BTU propane gas tank.

I highly like this idea plus I like the size of this grill as it’s portable and won’t take up a large space in your home.


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Sonic Impact Soundpads turn any wall into a speaker!

Check out these speakers that will turn any wall into a speaker.  Better yet, just build yourself a cheap acrylic-wood box for achieving some bass boost.  (Buy them at ThinkGeek for 50% off regular price)

SoundPads stick-on speakers transfer sound to any surface you stick them on. SoundPads convert posters, bookcases, tables, doors – any thin-walled high-transmission surface into permanent stereo speakers! Sound quality vari

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