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Microsoft Vista – one of the biggest blunders in technology!

I was site hoppin’ over at Gizmodo today and for some reason their posts were down but I had the pleasure of watching their flash ad.

Hope you enjoy and why are all computer dealers/manufacturers still shipping their PCs and laptops with Vista installed? At least let the people have an option to have XP pre-installed. (Yes, that means you Dell, HP, Compaq, Sony, etc…etc… why are you guys so dumb and promote a 

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iPod Disguise!

Lol… check out how you can make your iPod look like an old school Sony Walkman. Clever but I will stick with my iPod w/o any disguise and stick to my guns.

via HighT3ch

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Live coverage from Sony’s CES press conference at Engadget

The greatest part about NOT going to CES this year? I get to sit on my butt and read all these tech blog write about them. Well, it’s good that I am acting sorta as a “human filter” to filter out all the crappy stuff and post the best on Zedomax.

Anyways, you can get a really good overview of Sony’s CES press conference over at Engadget. I think this is one of the longest Engadget posts I’ve seen in awhile

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MAGICal – Wine Bottle Magic


Oh man, this is freakin’ smart.

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Zedomax Network of blogs

Here’s a list of Zedomax Network blogs:

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DIY HACK – How to make a Solar Heater under 50 bucks!

Here’s a great DIY on how to make a solar heater. Although the one he made is not functional you can probably easily make it functional by adding an inlet pipe and outlet pipe plus a small PC fan. But the theory is very impressive and this thing could be made more efficient with

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Brass Lion Robot Poster!

Check out this cool concept robot!  You can get a large poster size for about 40 bucks.

Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel himself, the Brass Lion was a marvel even in the impetus of the industrial revolution. Vaulting into true international fame whe

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Hover Bot Arena Flash Game

Check out the Hover Bot Arena Flash game if you are bored. Use arrows to move and your mouse to shoot at other hover-bots! Cool game…

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Retro-lookin’ robots!

Check out some of these cool retro-lookin’ robots. Although they don’t really seem all that functional, they kinda have the cool “retro” look to them.

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Color Changing Showers!

Wow, check out these color changing shower heads! It seems pretty basic (probably just high intensity LEDs on top), regardless, we like the overall design and originality! I’d love to have one of these showers, it’d be really cool… (well, maybe we can hack one easy…)

Perfect for creating a dramatic accent color, or merely for it’s therapeutic effect the lighted shower head embraces contemporary style. Created by Signorini Design, the Ultra Slim show

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