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Office Hack – How to Make a Pen Organizer with an Old Phone Book!

Here’s a fun hack for your desktop, learn how to make a pen organizer with your old phone book!

Who uses phone books these days anyways?  (What a waste of trees)

I usually just toss all but one of them in the recycling bin, but this year I decided to try to upcycle one of them into something fun. I managed to turn one into a quirky and unique pen/pencil organizer that’s a real conversation piece on my desk!

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Fun Memorial Weekend Commenting!

Okay, here’s something fun for the memorial weekend.  Goto your browser and type a character such as “A” or “B” or any other ASCII characters.

(Did you know that most characters default to Google search while “e” defaults to EOnline.com?)

If you find any other cool websites that come on on the new Firefox 3 (yes, you should be using this browser), leave a comment.

Happy Memorial Weekend, we will be back on Tuesday to get going again on tech p

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