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DIY SOLAR HACK – Cool collection of Solar Cooker HOWTOs

Check out the inclined solar cooker and the vast range of solar cooker HOWTOs here.

Solar cooker available, generally fall under two categories. One is box type and the other is parabolic reflector focusing type .The cooking ability of existing box type simple solar cooker is seems to be not satisfactory in comparison to the cost involved. .Parabolic reflector focusing type cooker needs frequent adjustmen

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DIY SOLAR HACK – Pizza Box Solar Cooker

Check out this cool Pizza Box Solar Cooker which is very simple to make and you can cook pizza if you don’t have a microwave or an oven. This Pizza Box Solar Oven can reach up to temperatures of 275 Fahrenheit! Nice…

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DIY SOLAR HACK – How to make a Parabolic Solar Cooker

Check out these really large solar cookers you can use to cook some food. Maybe they will be able to commercialize this and let people cook some steaks on it instead of using up our precious earth resources.

One of the easiest beginnings for a parabolic solar cooker can be found in thousands of backyards across the United States-the satellite dish, from the large C-band to the small digital dish

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ENERGY SAVING HOUSE – Heliotrop House that rotates to keep the sun in

Wow, check out this cool energy saving house!

The balcony rail is a solar vacuum tube to heat water. Photovoltaics on the roof rotate independently to track the sun, generating four to six times the energy needed for the house, making it beyond zero energy and into “das Plusenergiehaus” or a “Plus-energy House.” If that is not enough, there is on-site composting, chemical free sewage treatment and rainwater catchment.


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Electric Giraff, Submarine maker, and more at Maker Faire!

Check out some of the cool stuff and people that are going to be at the Maker Faire! (Including us but we have no idea what to bring…yet)

We will get to play with an electric giraff (hopefully) and meet with submarine maker Mike Wernecke.

You can get some

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Snow surfing with a Antartic Snowbot

Check out some of the cool Antartic autonomous solar robots being developed here. Above is a picture of a guy (yes holding a laptop), snow-surfing at about 5mph…

Not too bad on solar power, we give thumbs up for that.

One morning, while taking walking behind the robot and dragging a sled of equipment for quantitatively measuring the strength and c

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HACK – Window shade also acts as a solar powered Window Light!

Wow, check out this awesome window shade that also acts as a solar powered light!

This is a continuation of a project from Design for the 5 Senses that I worked on with Michael Jefferson and Jae In Lee. It’s a window shade that doubles as a light. One set of strings would be to control the level of sunlight by adjusting the height of the shade. The other set of strings controls the light level. I didn’t have time to add a solar

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Solar Lawnmower and Mopbot

Okay, I’ve finally been able to stay away from the computer thanks to my girlfriend. But we are back for some more hacks and DIYs.

Check out these cool solar lawnmower robots and mop robot if you don’t want to spend $200 on a Roomba. You could probably make these inventions a little bit smart by adding a programmable controllers such as CUBLOC or

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Wii HACK – Solar powered Wii!

Wow, check out this cool solar powered Wii!

Tom’s Hardware Guide recently built a mobile Wii station, complete with an HD monitor, that’s powered in part by a solar energy (check out the Tom’s Workshop video of the project). It’s a simple invention on many levels. For one, it didn’t cost much at all to find a battery, power converter and appropriately-sized solar power panel. And the station itself is just wood with a couple of wheels and a c

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ECOS LIFELINK – A Solar/Wind Water, Electricity AND Wireless Station

Check out the Ecos Lifelink that brings re-use of energy through solar power, wind power, water power. Even wireless is provided “re-using” that same generated power.

Awesome! (Save earth, peace! >- )

One of the most brilliant inventions we’ve seen to date is this mobile, portable structure which provides water purification, electricity and even wireless internet access – all through the power of the wind and the sun. The Ecos LifeLink was released earlier th

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