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Thai Food Hack – How to Make Thai Pork Salad and Thai Shrimp Salad!


The other day, I had the please of making Thai Pork Salad and Thai Shrimp Salad for dinner, I took some pictures so you can learn how to make “authentic” thai salads too.

This is my favorite food to eat when I am drinking rice wine or soju and highly recommended if you are into spicy foods.

Here’s some Thai language lessons before we begin here:

Yam-Muh-Yuh means Thai Pork Salad while Yam-Koong means Thai Shrimp Salad, where “Yam” means “Thai Salad&

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DIY HardDisk Christmas Tree!

Check out this really cool DIY Harddisk Christmas tree.  Of course, don’t forget about my Soju Christmas tree and the LED Christmas tree either.

At our work we were decomissioning six old HP/Compaq servers to clear up space for new servers and, naturally, each server had a fairly large raid array. Instead of formatting ev

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What is Soju and How Does it Affect an Entrecard (Ab)user’s Life

Here’s what Alex from Net-Entrepreneur posted about SiteHoppin:

Soju is a distilled beverage native to Korea and traditionally made from rice. Soju is clear in color and typically varies in alcohol content from about 20% to about 45% alcohol by volume, with 20% being most common. (

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Drunken Update and Drunken Development

As I am running out of money to live and keep up websites, it’s seems like getting drunk everyday helps me forget all that.

On top of all that, I am so drunk off my mind while trying to develop our new site, SiteHoppin.com.

The reason? Well, you need to be able to be in the same mind frame as someone who’d be using the site and the site is all about having a beer in your hand while you go “site hoppin'R

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DIY – How to make a Soju Lamp

Similar to the previous post, here’s Zedomax Soju Lamp. The great thing is that I didn’t even TRY to make it, it was just there from my dedication to drinking daily while blogging. (Yes, if you are over 18, we recommend this route. Make sure to have a companion while drinking. DWC – Drink with a companion) Although I drink beer mostly, sometimes I resort to Soju because it’s only 16% alcohol and let’s me drink less thus not getting a beer belly. Plus, soju does give you better ideas an

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DIY – Cork Lamp

Yes, it’s obviously a lamp made out of used wine corks. We dare you to build something like this. Check out all the other cool stuff you can make using corks here.

This should be pretty easy to make as long as you drink a lot of wine everyday. Actually I have a soju lamp I might have to show you next…

[via] lovemyearth

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Digg Revolution by diggers!

I took some snapshots before digg takes it down. “Freedom of speech!” Okay, gotta really go now though and enjoy my soju… actually I drank it all (between the last couple posts) so I will have to settle for a sober night… (rest of the night …buzzed)

Yes, this is really not about the DVD code but really about freedom of speech and I think people will get mad when they are not allowed to speak their minds since we are not in Soviet Union 50 years ago…

I just wonder how many unique visitors those posts made…

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Samsung RH269LB Fridge with ICE tablet PC

Tight fridge with tablet PC!?! It would be great for managing the types of beers, soju, and sake at my apartment.

This is Samsung’s latest hi-tech refrigerator model pimping the built-in ‘ICE Pad’ tablet PC for your computing pleasure. The detachable tablet, with 10.4-inch TFT touchscreen display, features food management software, a calendar, scheduler, and memo board making it easy for you to organize your kitchen life. The tablet run

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