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How to Make Mac and Windows Play Nice with PlayNice Software!

I admit it, I stand before you begging for a chance to pitch the PlayNice Software. I’m thinking how can I make this fun.. something that will catch your eye, and let YOU let ME roll with it?!

On the fly, I can say, I will give you a expose that will shed a whole new light on the tumultous relationship between Mac & Windows. I might even throw in

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Best Offline Blogging Client Software – Zoundry Raven Review!

For last couple years, I have been using Zoundry Raven, which is an open source “offline” blogging software that let’s you write blog posts without being online. As of today, my internet connection has been failing badly over here at Luxor hotel, I think it’s because they gave me a room that’s not “high” enough and blocked by some buildings.

Anyways, on those days, I turn to my Zoundry Raven, it works flawlessly with my WordPress, plus the tags can be tagged, something sometimes

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Edit your PDF files online – PDF Hammer

Cool, you can now officially edit PDF files online! Although I’d never do that. I’d edit the Word file that gets converted into PDFs. Google Docs is probably much better option than this.

Great though, with PDF Hammer, you can move around the pages. (I think that’s the most useful function out of this PDF Hammer thingee…)

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CNC Milling Machine updated with Mach3 Software!


Check out the update on CNC milling machine with cool software update with Mach3 CNC software. Now Garrett’s CNC milling machine runs much faster with the Mach3!

We’ve been playing around with Mach3, which supports Modbus I/O. This example uses one modbus output on a CUBLOC module to control the spindle motor through an

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