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Hello Kitty iPhone 3G!

Hello Kitty iPhone 3G has been spotted, a fake one of course but still…. it sure beats the socks out of getting an AT&T plan.

HelloKittyPhones.com is a site that sells just about every Hello Kitty cellphone that is out there at the moment. Even one that looks extremely like an iPhone. It is even called Hello Kitty Phone 3G

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DIY RGB LED Color Table!

Here’s an awesome DIY RGB LED Color Table that will knock the socks off your shoes.  Check out the videos at the bottom where you can watch the RGB table go nuts with equalizers.  Hmmm… I wonder if he can turn it into a Tetris game, “that” would be awesome.

My name is Edo, I am a 23 years old from Hamburg Germany and I’m studying computer science at the Hamburg university of applied science. I used one Arduino Duemilinove to control 12 TLC5940 Chips. There is is one 5mm RGB LED in each of the 64 sections. The dimensions of the Table are 50×50×12 cent

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DIY Living Room PC!

Wow, this does look cool… awesome job buddy!

The aim here is to build a case that could be used in any living room without scaring your grandma out of her socks. For me that is a bit of a challenge since I have no experience in this type of design. But, enough with the small talk – lets get to it and do some case building.

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Kick Off Online Soccer Game


CRSpace, a online game company in Korea, has just launched their beta version of the new soccer game, Kick Off.

You can try it here, it’s kinda slow because the servers are hosted in Korea but it looks like another great online soccer game that will eventually kick off the socks off most teenagers.

The Kick Off stands for a soccer game, namely, ‘Street Soccer’ which anyone can easily play, and which has been reinterpreted and restructur

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