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PoliceChase.TV for sale!

Alright, we are off to selling another social networking site for almost nothing. You can go bid for PoliceChase.TV here.

This is auction for sale of http://PoliceChase.TV.

PoliceChase.TV is a police chase video social networking site where users aggregate funny police chase videos from youtube,metacafe, etc…etc…

Almost 100% of traffic comes from search engines like Goo

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Drunken Update and Drunken Development

As I am running out of money to live and keep up websites, it’s seems like getting drunk everyday helps me forget all that.

On top of all that, I am so drunk off my mind while trying to develop our new site, SiteHoppin.com.

The reason? Well, you need to be able to be in the same mind frame as someone who’d be using the site and the site is all about having a beer in your hand while you go “site hoppin'R

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Looking for Free Web Traffic? Get ready for Web 2.5!

Looking for free web traffic? Here’s an opportunities ONLY for Zedomax readers.

You can become a beta tester for our newest site, XXX.com. (XXX is classified that’s why it’s XXX)

Basically, it’s a new Web2.5 social networking site that let’s you bookmark, share, and find new sites. Remember, we said, “Web 2.5“.

That’s right folks. This thing is so big we are gonna make it bigger than Google or Yahoo.

You can laugh at us but we ARE giving out free accounts to beta-testers who want to simply promote their website.

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