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Blog DIY – How to Use GooseGrade to Fix Your Blog Post Grammer and Spelling!

GooseGrade one of those friendly companies I talk to at the Web 2.0 Expo this year.  It’s a social networking site where people can submit their grammatical/spelling errors to be corrected by members of GooseGrade, who also earn status based on their previous corrections.

(You can read about exactly what the site is about by reading previous reviews from TechCrunch and

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WordPress DIY – How To Get Your WordPress HOWTO Blog Posts Noticed using WPTut.com!

One of my blogger friends Jason over at Blogtomic has just launched a new WordPress Tutorial Social Networking site called WPTut.com where you can submit your WordPress HOWTOs and get free marketing.

A WordPress Tutorial site called WPTut.com was launched last week (in secret) by one of my friends Jason from Blogtomic.com.

He created a social networking site completely from a W

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Web2.0 Expo – Stewart Mader from Wikipatterns Interviewed!

If you don’t know wikis, it might be a good time for you to get familiar as wikis have not been fully utilized as blogs have been. (Before you know it, the world will become a “wiki wiki” world…)

As a wiki fanatic myself as I have built the world’s first-ever MediaWiki based social networking site, I am a collector of any new books related with wikis in general.

One of the books that I haven’t gotten a hold of was,

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