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How Do They Build Snowboards?

If you’ve always wondered how they made snowboards, here’s a video you can watch and learn from one of the best, the founder/CEO of Signal Snowboards show you exactly how they make snowboards by hand at their California factory.

And as for me, I can’t wait to go up to Tahoe this winter for some fun boarding, I’ve grew up with snowboarding even before it was popular and wide-spread is now.  Let’s just put it this way, I used to go snowboarding for most of my teenage winter vacations until I picked up golf.

My favorite snowboard still is Bu

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Surfing Hack – How to Surf in the Sand!

Surfing in the sand might be already a popular sport among the hardcore snowboarders and surfers alike.  I have too seen many snowboards on the sand but this Vipersand Sandboard is an entirely a new concept for revolutionizing surfing in the sand.

The special conditions on sand need specific equipment, hence this special board. “The front area is wide for more boosts in the sand and gets narrow in the back for aggressive maneuvers. The bo

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Skateboard DIY – How to Make a Propeller Powered Skateboard!

Well, you thought this wasn’t possible but it is!  It’s a propeller powered skateboard that will propel you forward with the use of wind-power.  Now, I’d like to see this concept applied to snowboards, that might kick start a new sport called “cross-country snowboarding”.


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New type of Skateboard – T-Board!


Check out this T-board, it’s basically a skateboard with 2 wheels instead of 4. It seems to travel pretty fast and mich better for surfers, snowboards, who are trying to stay in shape during summer months.

You can order a T-board 38 inch here and T-board 41 inch here.

Firstly what’s a T-board?!

“The T-board is a high performance carving hybrid built specifically to mimic the sensation of carving on a snowboard or

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