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Best Camcorder for Snowboarding!

The other day, I bought HatCam so I can use it while snowboarding but was researching further because HatCam seemed to be a bit flimsy for snowboarding needs.  Anyways, after couple hours of researching online plus watching the video quality people uploaded on YouTube, I found the perfect camcorder for snowboarding, the GoPro HD.


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Best Earbud Review!

I have to admit that I am a earphone/earbud addict who has gone through so many of them (10+ in last 2 years), I would be a good person to review earbuds.

First, earphones are old, they don’t give you the bass you can get with earbuds, which encapsulate all the sound.

Second, bluetooth stereo earphones are still outdated, I still have my $150 Motorola S7 and I never use them.

Anyways, I’ve gone through a bunch of earb

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Motorcycle Helmet Cameras!

Ever wanted to capture your motorcycle corner carvings? Here’s a camera that can fit on your motorcycle helmet. You can also probably use it for downhill skiing, snowboarding, or anything you can think of.

When we designed the Twenty20 Motorcycle Camera we had one goal in mind… To create an ON-BIKE POV filming experience for any motorcycle enthusiast. The Twenty20 Motorcycle Camera uses a rubber-to metal-to-rubber mount system that takes vibr

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