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Winter DIY – How to Snowboard!

Well, it’s that time of the year and if you haven’t learned to snowboard, here’s some tips I’ve learned over the years that can help you snowboard better.

1. If it’s your first time, try going down the slopes at 90 degree angle to the slope slowly while balancing your body.

2. Once you master balancing, try turning with the slope and braking by turning back to 90 degree angle to the slope.

3. Once you have mastered balancing and turning, challenge yourself to go down steeper slopes.  If you never challenge yourself, you won’t get any

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The Whip – Lamborghini Snowboard!

A company called Cheetah has developed a new sleek snowboard coined, “the Lamborghini of Snowboards“.

We like the new design except they might have to change their slogan unless they want a lawsuit from the car maker Lamborghini.

Cheetah Ultra Sports has apparently developed the Whip F-117 after four solid years of research, development and taking oodles of time off to hit the slopes. In short, it’s dubbed the Lamborghini of snowboards, promising to make riders go fa

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Flaik Armband for your Snowboard Jump Data!

As a fanatic snowboarder, this Flaik armband will record the height, altitude, and other cool data of your snowboard jumps. Way cool duude!

This will be great too for snowboarding outside the resort limits in case you get lost.

The product, Flaik, is a performance tracking device for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts.

Flaik combines global positioning satellite (GPS) smarts with GSM/GPRS mobile phone technology.

The GPS part charts a user’s location, speed, distance, altitude and airtime (for jumps).


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SnoDeck – a motorized snow skateboard!


Tight, here’s SnoDeck, a motorized snow skateboard! Although you can do nollie or take it to your nearest swimming pool for some crazy ghetto half pipes, at least you can go out in the snow and enjoy ridin’ around before the snow melts. (if the snow melts that is, but if it doesn’t, this might be a permanent solution for your cool weather)


Also checkout

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DIY – How to make your own balancing skateboard for exercising


If you go to health clubs, sometimes you will see these cool balancing boards and a lot of skateboarders use these to actually practice balancing and doing nollies. Well, I am really inclined to build this one myself, it really works out your lower body and increases your ability to balance yourself. This can also be very good for snowboarders during the off-season, to keep their balancing abilities to top shape. (OR just skateboard like me…)

Build an indoor board (balance board) that can be used for indoor sur

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DIY HACK – Homemade Balancing Skateboard!


Wow, check out this awesome homemade balancing skateboard. As a skateboarder myself, this is way too cool…

It’s very similar to a snowboard to ride, requiring no user input other than the movement of your body mass. Leaning forwards and backwards controls the velocity and moving your weight from heal to toe controls the turn radius. It’s easy and very intuitive to ride.


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New Year Funny Video – Snowboard DIY – HOWTO NOT do a backflip

[gv data=”XH_TH7_vnw8″][/gv]

Here’s how to NOT start your new year by trying a backflip like this…

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CNET’s James Kim and family missing — have you seen them?


Help us find James Kim by watching the video on ipod and more! Every click will help the video get on top of YouTube.

We’ve received word that a respected member of our tech community, James Kim (whom many of you may know as CNET’s senior editor of digital audio), and his family have gone missing. As we understand it, last weekend James, his wife Kati (above right), and his very young girls Penelope (left) and Sabine (baby), drove from their home in the SF Bay Area to Seattle. They were expected back some time Sunday, bu

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ZikiWiki – Technology wiki for hackers, diyers, mcu users, plc users, etc…

ZikiWiki is a technology wiki I created for technology. Well, right now I am just posting some stuff for my work but hopefully, it will get bigger and bigger and become a free useful tool for diyers, hackers, engineers, and etc… Right now it’s in beta testing period, so if you need a place for your information organization, this might be a good place to start.

I thought about how restricted wikipedia was becoming, it’s like a free place that’s not free anymore, but here’s a wiki that is free,

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Getting ready for Snowboarding this winter

Here’s a cool little article explaining different type of snowboards if you are planning on a long-term snowboarding sessions like me.

I remember last year when I was buying my second snowboard, I was confused as heck at the local sports shop…

My personal choice is Burton…

via snowboardessentials

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