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DIY Cellphone USB UltraSound!

Even if you don’t have back-door access to your nearest ultrasound lab, you can, in fact, take ultrasound snapshots of your baby every week (or even every minute!) with one of these awesome DIY cellphone USB ultrasound system.  Okay, I admit, it looks more like a vibrator here but lets now forget it is an ultrasound on your cellphone, this IS a great idea for cheapening future costs of taking ultrasound scans.

The power of a modern cell phone is changing how many things are done today. For example I recently heard that the once CPU taxing program

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Cabbage Chair Looks Like a Cabbage!

The Cabbage Chair is like peeling onions.  Well, so long as you don’t have onion smell this chair does look pretty functional and what if they made Cabbage Lounge Sofas?  That’d be way too cool.

Above is a series of snapshots of how the Cabbage Chair becomes a chair after being shipped to a customer.  From the point of view of an ecoist, the Cabbage Chair does reduce carbon footprint by being able to ship itself in the smallest shape possible.  This reminds me of

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The iPhone Gets Its Own Photo Sharing Site

Natuba is a photo sharing site for iPhone users. Looks like this targetted marketing could work but of course, there are many other online services that let you do the same thing Natuba does already. Too bad they didnt’ take care of tagging, a must in a new Web2.0 service. Regardless, you can tell us how well it works with your iPhone.

iPhone users with Natuba accounts can add their snapshots to the site by emailing them to a special address. Descriptions can be included in the subject line and all photos are inje

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Digg Revolution by diggers!

I took some snapshots before digg takes it down. “Freedom of speech!” Okay, gotta really go now though and enjoy my soju… actually I drank it all (between the last couple posts) so I will have to settle for a sober night… (rest of the night …buzzed)

Yes, this is really not about the DVD code but really about freedom of speech and I think people will get mad when they are not allowed to speak their minds since we are not in Soviet Union 50 years ago…

I just wonder how many unique visitors those posts made…

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