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Snake-Shaped Portable Solar Light

From the point of view of designers and engineers, this snake-shaped portable solar light seems to be headed in the right direction for future of modern portable lighting.  Don’t you agree?

This is a very interesting design in the concept stage at the moment but never the less this could be very useful for virtually anyone who uses light, which is everyone basically! The designers

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Antidiva Micama Chair

The Antidiva Micama Chair is a seat, lounge sofa, or a bed if you want it.  The luxurious Italian product can form itself into any shape sorta like a snake except you get to lay on it.

Antidiva is in a class of its own. To even begin to describe this range of high quality, Italian, living products, we would not give it the justice it deserves. Essential Interiors presents to you this stunning

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Cool ROBOT – Servo Snake Bot!


This is sick! Check out the servo snakebot using an Atmel Atmega32 microcontroller and bunch of Futaba servos!  You can see more videos of the snakebot here.

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Snakebots – Snake Robot Prototype


Wow, this is really cool… a radio controlled snake robot…maybe it can climb trees? and interact AI to those big snakes, anaconda?

Materials: Basswood and brass.

Components: Discrete TTL Control Unit, 14 servos, 16 batteries, 2-channel radio control. S1 was a recreation of earlier work by Shigeo Hirose in Japan, in which a single train of deflection travels down the length of the snake. Oscillatory deflections cause the snake to move forward. An offset to the oscill

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