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USB Flash Hack – How to Make a USB Cigar Flash Memory!

One of the joys in life is smoking a victory cigar after you’ve achieved something or it’s your birthday.  As much as I love cigars, I will stay away from the harsh smoke unless it’s that special day.  Heck, it would make a great gift too!

Well, if you make one of these USB Cigar flash memory thingees, you will be able to enjoy having a cigar next to you while you blog or work and carry it everywhere with you.

It glows red when connected, and brightens upon disk access.

A touch of distinction for your computer! Not just for cigar lovers, spies, etc.

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Coughing Lung Cigarette Ashtray

Here’s a nifty little cigarette ashtray you can give as a present to your smoking friend.  It might help him quit smoking.  (might i said…)

A quit-smoking approach-with a bit of humor, too! This ashtray looks like a set of lungs, complete with bronchia. When a cigarette is placed on the edge of the “lungs,” you hear a realistic, hacking cough or a burning scream. Sounds are also activated by light and motion! I

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