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Solar Ski Jacket charges your iPhone/Blackberry while you Ski downhill!

For most of us who live in either California or a four-seasoned land, winter is coming up and you know what that means, time to ski or snowboard.

Well, here’s a great way to re-charge your iPhone, Blackberry, or any other gadgets for the matter while you “slope” downhill.

At $1350, this solar ski jacket ain’t cheap but it will definitely help you stay in touch without fear of losing battery power while you are on the mountains all day long.

The best part is that you can take off the collar anytime, so you can u

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Pyramid DIY – How to Build a Pyramid!

If you are looking into Pyramid-related businesses (of course, we think all businesses are somewhat a pyramid-scheme), here’s a great article on how pyramids are actually built.

The first theory is that a ramp was built on one side of the pyramid and as the pyramid grew, the ramp was raised so that throughout the construction, blocks could be moved right up to the top. If the ramp were too steep, the men hauling the blocks would not be able to drag them up. An 8-percent slope is about the maximum possible, and this is the problem with the sin

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RoofRay lets you calculate your home’s Solar Power potential!

RoofRay is a site that let’s you calculate your home’s solar power potential using the power of GoogleMaps.

It’s very interesting as the site will caculate the solar power potential based on the roof area and the slope of the roof.

It’s probably pretty accurate as most data is using direct satellite images off GoogleMaps.

The greatest part about this site is that you can find out how much energy you will be able to make with new solar p

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