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DIY – How to Use your Laptop Computer as a Teleprompter for Presentations!

You know those telepromopters that TV news reporters use to read their daily news?  Well, here’s a simply way to make a teleprompter for any type of presentations.  (This one is an example for a church but I don’t see any reasons why you wouldn’t use it outside god’s house.)

Whatever you do…. no matter what…. and this is job #1 so pay attention…. always have a paper copy of your notes in your suit pocket.     Allow me to repeat myself — Have paper backup of your talk.    To sum up this point:  Make sure you have

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5 Megapixel 35mm Film Scanner/Digitizer!

Do you have rolls of negative films from the 80s or even 90s?  Well, you can simply zip all your 35mm film rolls into this Film Scanner/Digitizer and turn each photo into a 5 megapixel digitized jpeg file.

How cool is that?  You can now save all your old films in your PC.


SLIDES 2 PC makes it easy and fun to rediscover your 35mm film negatives and slides on your computer. Incredibly fast, one-touch sca

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Table Lamps with Slide Projectors!

Here’s a cool table lamp that can project slides.  How neat is that?

Design Heure’s lovely lamps include simple slide projectors that allow them to bounce the image of your choice off a nearby wall. They also do some handsome projection clocks.

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