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Palm Pre DIY Tips – How to Use Touch Gestures on the Palm Pre!

Well, I have been doing a lot of fiddling with my new smartphone Palm Pre.

Since I don’t like reading instructions when I do things and try to figure things out myself, I didn’t even realize the full potential of the Palm Pre on my first day.

UPDATE: Palm Pre now available on Amazon!

I decided to swallow my DIY-ego and read the instructions today.  Well, it turns out there’s more apps on the Palm Pre than I imagined after learning that apps also exists laterally, not just horizontally.

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DIY Wireless Solar Powered Google Calendar!

It seems that non other than a Google employee devised a new wiress solar-powered Google Calendar device that will save power and utilizes a “no power” LCD, meaning the LCD will only need power to update itself.

I think this type of device could truly cut down on the core duties at a corporation such as posting meetings.  By utilizing Google Calendar API, this little gadget can replace your paper alternatives.

Great stuff, keep

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Circuits DIY – How to Make a Weather Station!

Here’s an impressive weather station project you can make that will show you bunch of great current weather conditions.  I do highly like the graph part, it can be developed even further to allow internet remote monitoring and more.

Now this was a huge project! All sensors had to be fully tested one at a time, wireless communication had to be perfect, various LCDs were tried. Nevertheless, here’s the result: hope you enjoy it!

The circuit may be powered by a small 9V b

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