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Bill Gates and Seinfeld TV Commercial!


Remember Microsoft hired Seinfeld to do advertising for their new $300 Million campaign?

Here’s the new Bill Gates and Seinfeld TV commercial which I did get to see yesterday for the first time and looks like bunch of people uploaded it to Youtube.

First look tells me that this ad really sucks in comparison to Apple.  There’s not enough “juice” going on to even understand what they are advertising.

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Crazy Wingsuit Base Jumping/Flying!





Going at over 100MPH sorta like flying squirrels, these wingsuit base jumpers are really taking skydiving to another level.

via onearthtravel

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Micro Orb – Golf-Ball Sized Spy Camera!


That’d be way cool if this was actually a ball and you could whack the shit out of it and check out what kind of video you get afterwards…

The Micro Orb Spy Camera is a miniature surveillance video & audio recording camera concealed into a tiny 1.5 inch sphere the size of a golf ball.

The Micro Orb Spy Camera can be worn on a helmet to record your sport activities such as biking, skydiving, and hiking or as a baby monitor, a mannequin eyeball,

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