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Golf DIY – How to Play Better Golf Under Pressure!


Many of you probably know me as a “serial blogger” or problogger but my skills in my life isn’t writing, English is my 2nd language and I got world-record Cs in 99% of all my English classes in elementary/middle/high school and in college.

Of course, blogging has made my writing better (it ain’t stellar still) and reading other blogs on a daily basis has helped me better articulate myself online.

My real skills lie in hitting that flop-shot over a high-lip bunker or hitting  a 350 yard drive on a par 5.  That’

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Diamond-studded BlackBerry Bold The Tellor for Bling Bling!

I am not a big fan of diamond-studded cellphones, I honestly think it’s waste of valuable resources but this diamond-studded Blackberry Bold makes me think twice.  What’s up with the AZERTY keyboard?  Is that for another country???  (Excuse my ignorance, I live in the USA)

This is definitely a bling-bling I can replace with my Blackberry 8830.

For those BlackBerry owners who are contemplating sticking with this minimalist business phone might consider this blinged “Tellor” version, which is paved with a total of 205 diamon

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LOL – DIY Ford Mustang Body, Toyota MR2 Custom Car!

My redneck friend used to say FORD stood for “Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge” and I have been confused to why he has a FORD now.  Anyways, there’s a Ford Mustang body kit for those of you with a Toyota MR2.  I don’t know why you would want to do this but you can.

I guess these guys are based in UK and they must be able to do this regardless of what kind of car you have.  It might be a great idea to build a sleeper car that “looks” like a Mustang but goes waaay

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