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Blackberry saves a Skiers from Falling 700 Feet!

Here’s a rather interesting story where a skier got wedged between two rocks.  The blackberry in his pocket made his body just wide enough to fall 700 feet and saved his life.

At first I thought the Blackberry saved the skier by letting him call 911 but I guess there’s more uses with Blackberries than just calling the emergency department.

Very interesting, I am sure someone is already using a Blackberry to put butter on their bread already. (Congrats to David

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DIY – How to Make Heater Pad from Scratch!


Here’s a good DIY on how to make your own heater pad from scratch with acetate. This should save couple bills for your next sking/snowboarding trip. I do prefer snowboarding of course, people in general are way more laid back. (no offense to you skiers…sorry about that last time I went between your legs at 60mph downhill and made you flip like a dog) :p

via wonderhowto

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