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Zedomax AdTech 2008 Coverage – Etology.com offers Advertisers and Publishers Text Ads, Banners, Thumnails and more….

David, an affiliate manager from Etology.com, has given me a $25 coupon for FREE traffic for NEW affiliates.

To test out Etology.com and get $25 worth of free traffic from their advertising network, you can sign up for an affiliate account here, then use the coupon code “01KLSY” at ad checkout to get the $25 of free advertising.

Here’s an interview with David from Etology.com:


(Thanks again David for the interview and your time!)

Etology.com offers

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How SiteHoppin’ will virally increase Blog’s traffic and users’ blogs

There’s been a lot of questions regarding our new site, SiteHoppin’, so I will show you briefly how it will virally increase a blog’s traffic.

Instead of typing URL or using a bookmarking system like Del.icio.us, users will start using SiteHoppin’ to tag their favorite sites and go “site hoppin'” daily.

How will increase traffic for your blog? Well, simply, if you submit your blog to SiteHoppin with the tag.

The greatest part is t

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Find which Superhero you’d be

Here the site that finds out what superhero you’d be after answering couple questions!

via wagthis

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