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Znak It! – The New Pay-As-You-Go Solution Alternative to Paypal!


There’s been a lot of rumors that Web 2.0 Expo this year really sucked and I have to agree that there were less innovative companies than last year but it’s a good thing I took my crappy HD camera to take vids of the handfuls that are very, very innovative including this Znak It, launched just 1 day before Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco

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DIY Wooden iPhone Stand!

Here’s a cool DIY wooden iPhone stand made from the wood in barrels!  Nice job.

“While I couldn’t top an 8-year-old with Legos (that kid is the next owner of Apple),” Holston told us, “I could try to create a wood iPod stand that fits with what I love about the iPod–simplicity in form and function that catches the eye.”

via cnet

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Mailbox DIY – How to Make a Modern Mailbox!

Here’s another great DIY showing you how to make your own modern mailbox for about $125.  If you are a good painter, you could add a tint of your favorite color and some clear coat to make it lokk even better.

WestOn Letters’ (link below) website provides my numbers at a budget price -I choose “deep ribbon” with spacers.  Cost about $85 for all 3.  I sketch out my vision of simplicity to be translated by my crafty counterpart into real measurements.  Wood, deck stain, gravel brought the grand total up to about $125.

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Linux Hack – How to Turn Linux Box into a Streaming Media Center!

Here’s a quick guide that shows you how to turn your linux box into a streaming media center.  It might be helpful for some of you Linux-addicts (like me).  Some people were complaining this is GUI but heck, GUI is the next step for Linux so it can go more mainstream, no beginners can deal with Linux command prompt, I believe it’s waaay harder than DOS.

This guide assumes that you have a Linux-based computer available and are ready to begin the installation process immediately. If this is not the case, you should set up a Linux-based

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Portable Build-a-Chair Design by Taiani Vincent

Here’s an awesome portable chair design.  At first look, you will notice 3 pieces and wonder, “How is that a chair”?

Now start putting the pieces together in your mind.

Little more…

Almost there…

Wow, look at that, a portable DIY chair in seconds.  Now, if you got a whole stadium of these chairs, it might do some stylish design wonders while keeping your

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