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How to Build a Super Bike Car! [Sidecar]

For those of you who wanted to build something fast and capable of holding three passengers, here’s a really cool way to mix a motorcycle and passenger seats, build a super bike car!

Then came the sidecar chassis, also all in aluminium. Hubs and brakes come from a VW Golf GTI, the wheels are from an Audi 80. The tension of the chain is automatically adjusted by an eccentric system installed on the swingarm axle. Shocks absorbers are Fournales air system, especially manufactured for this machine.

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Russian Sidecar Motorcycle Boasts a V8 Engine!

Seeing cool motorcycles like these are the days I will want to go bash on the highway and do wheelies on my gixxer.  No, just kidding, I am not that good yet but heck, this V8 sidecar motorcycle might be just the killer getaway vehicle for those of  you thugs on the run. (via hackedgadgets)

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GunBus Monster Motorcycle!

Check out this monster GunBus motorcycle that will go into production soon.

GunBus Monster Motorcycle!

Unlike other two-w

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