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Google HACK – How to put Google Reader iPhone Edition in Your Firefox Sidebar!

Here’s a cool hack that let’s you put the Google Reader iPhone edition into your Firefox sidebar.

If you are a big fan of both Google Reader and Firefox, you’ll be interested to know that Google’s iPhone version of Reader is a perfect fit for the Firefox sidebar, and with a few tweaks we can make it really fit well.

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Blog Monetization – Still using Text Link Ads for selling your Links?

I’ve been getting into monetizing blogs lately and wrote a little article on selling text link ads on your blogs. Check it out and you can take control over the money you make on your blog and increase your profits!

You’ve probably seen bunch of sites that you can sign up for to sell text link ads on your site. I’ve personally tried Text-Link-Ads.com. Although I have made money through their system, I probably only made $200 a month at the most. The problem with these sites is that they take 50% of your sales! T

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John Chow dot com and making money blogging

Okay, it seems like there’s a lot of people making money just blogging including this guy, John Chow.

Check out John Chow who made $7000 already in February. Actually some of his articles are very helpful such as the ReviewMe ad you see we put up today on the sidebar.

I like how he uses terms like affiliate whores and

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