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Recommended Showers

Outdoor Multi-Jet Showers!

Here’s a great way to refresh yourself outdoors with the Outdoor Multi-Jet Shower.  I have to say when I have a big yard, I will surely get one of these or even better, make myself one from scratch.

This shower, discreet by its nature, surprised everyone as soon as it was released onto the market. The mass of water coming from the 3 shower heads, two of which are placed laterally, totally envelopes the body and gives an extremely soft sensation, touching the skin like refreshing foam. The arch-shaped structur

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LED Shower Light for shower in the Dark!

Like showering in the dark?

The LED Shower Light is a brilliant idea. It installs to a standard shower pipe in mere minutes. When you turn the shower on, the water powers a turbine and the LED Shower Light…well, lights up! Blue let’s you know the water is chilly. When the water warms up to 89° F (32° C), the light changes to red. Now you can step in and not freeze your giblets off. And you don’t even need to turn on the light now, because your whole shower glows. It makes for a much nicer morning, trust us. Oh, and if yo

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Euphonia Wireless AND Waterproof Headsets – Listen to music while taking a shower!

This is definitely a cool feature. If you can’t afford one of those Kohler showers with built-in stereo, at least you can afford a Euphonia Waterproof Headset and shower with some music in your ears.

Listening to your favorite track while in bath is soother than anything. Check out the new Euphonia headset from Bainultra. Contemporary in design

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