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Best Air Mouse Review!

I’ve seen more needs for an air mouse these days, especially if you like to hook up your computer to your HDTV in your bedroom and surf the web from your bed.

For exactly that purpose of lazying computing, you will want to consider getting an air mouse, which will work great on any surface or air.

Here’s a couple air mice on the market that might be worth getting:

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Firefox Hack – How to Save Time with Firefox Shortcuts!

Well, I have been using Firefox for couple years now and even me, I do tend to forget some of the Firefox shortcuts.

By learning the Firefox shortcuts, it can dramatically improve your work/play productivity time so you can do other things like go play golf or ride a motorcycle.

Anyways, here’s a reminder that there are Firefox shortcuts and you should use them:

If you have enabled Emacs-style text editing shortcuts in GNOME, they will also work in Firefox. When an Emacs text editing shortcut con

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Mind Hack – How to do More Stuff in Less Time!

Okay, here’s a fun mind hack for all of you working in a cubicle, home, or whereever.

It’s a mind exercise that can possibly help you do more stuff in less time.

Now let me begin by saying that I used to work from 6am to 12am in Korea when I used to work at Comfile. (That’s 6am until midnight, 18 hours of work)

I am very very familiar with working overtime at a cubicle, especially because I had the chance to work with fellow Korean people couple years ago, they work really freakin’ long hours.  (with no efficiency whatsoever though)

As a

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iPhone HACK – 12 iPhone Tricks you need to know!

Here’s a cool blog post I found today that shows you 12 shortcuts for using the iPhone/iPod Touch.  Basically, they are mostly Safari shortcuts that you might not have known about.

Here’s one for example that will save you time scrolling back up to the top:

In any application, Safari included, you can automatically scroll to the top of the page by tapping on the “top bar”, which has the time, service bars, and battery. In Safari, this not only brings you to the top of the page, but also brings up the URL bar.

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2011 BMW 5-Series Spied!

Heck, if it’s 2011 BMW, we probably won’t see it for couple years but here’s some spy shots of the prototype.

TheCarConnection.com’s spy photographer ring has nabbed these new photos of the next BMW 5-Series, including the first interior photos. The cabin shot shows a relocated iDrive controller with satellite buttons, which may provide shortcuts like the buttons that surround Audi’s MMI controller. A joys

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Windows mobile iPhone theme


Here’s a way to make your Windows “look” like an iPhone. (very authentic!)

Most of the icons are just shortcuts to the equivalent apps on Windows Mobile, but the most impressive thing must be the screensaver and the scrolling. The screensaver lets you whisk your finger to the right to unlock the phone, and the scrolling mimics the finger scrolling on the iPhone. A nice stopover between now and June for those who really can’t wait.


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TOP 4 Windows Tips: Part 1


Some cool windows tips.

TIPS: Resize images in Windows with Right Click, Remove Arrows from Shortcuts, Show On-Screen Keyboard, Quick Log-Off

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Linux shortcuts

Here’s some cool linux shortcuts. complete list via pio’s blog

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