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Making Music with Shoes! [Nike Ad]


Check out this really cool Nike music ad made with shoes as instruments. via make

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Weekend Fun DIY – How to Make Hover Shoes!

I don’t know if this is real or fake but it sure seems like a great idea except I don’t think those magnets used are powerful enough to hover anyone.  Maybe that’s why they don’t show the upper body of the person hovering???


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DIY RGB LED Color Table!

Here’s an awesome DIY RGB LED Color Table that will knock the socks off your shoes.  Check out the videos at the bottom where you can watch the RGB table go nuts with equalizers.  Hmmm… I wonder if he can turn it into a Tetris game, “that” would be awesome.

My name is Edo, I am a 23 years old from Hamburg Germany and I’m studying computer science at the Hamburg university of applied science. I used one Arduino Duemilinove to control 12 TLC5940 Chips. There is is one 5mm RGB LED in each of the 64 sections. The dimensions of the Table are 50×50×12 cent

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Foot DIY – How to Fix Athlete’s Foot with Urine!

Are you suffering from athlete’s foot?  The symptoms may never go away unless you treat it right.

For one, you should be trying to get out of your shoes whenever possible to let your foot breath.  If you sit in a cubicle all day, you are prone to “grow” your athlete’s foot until it gets too ugly.

Second, try “peeing” urine on your foot while in the shower.  Urine has acidic liquids that will kill the germs in athlete’s foot.  I know, it

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Eco Hack – Eco-friendly Chair pumps itself by walking!


A Korean-born designer has designed what seems like “air bubble” chair that pumps itself when you walk.

I think this is a really great idea for concerts and outdoor events where people have to stand constantly.

For example, it would be great to have this while watching Tiger Woods play in a real PGA Tournament, you’d have a chair for every hole you are at. (or wherever you are at)

Just don’t take the bus with the chair i

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Walking Spider Tractor Machine!


Yikes, this looks like a spider alien to me more than a useful machine.  Neverthless, way too cool…

We should see these replacing traditional tractor machines in the near future.

It’s a Plustech Oy / John Deere hexapod logging machine prototype. It looks amazing! Plustech Oy Walking Machine(it seems to down) has strong six-legged, it features to make a logging machine that does less damage to the forest and can move through more challenging terrain than wheeled o

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The ENDO Magnet Clip

Check out this nifty ENDO Magnet Clip. Will they send us a sample so we can hang our shoes?

A solid mass of neodymium, silicone and steel, “Endo” presents an elegant alternative to conventional means of magnetic attachment. No springs. No coils. No internal moving parts. Endo is the one-piece all-purpose silicone magnet with springy clipping action.

Secures poetry, recipes, photos, memos and documents to the fridge, message board or metal surface.

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