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#StunGunAbuse Prison Officer Zaps Children with a 50K Stun Gun!

This is what’s wrong with America, stun guns that let law enforcers to use freely at will, including prison officers who “zap” children to teach them a lesson?

NO, it doesn’t make sense, please don’t zap ANYONE for no reason.  You should only really use it when it’s completely necessary, and tasering a naked man is stupid too.

I say it’s time for us citizens of America to stand up and make a new law that will incriminate any police officers who use it in situations

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Wooden USB Flash Drive!

I do prefer wooden USBs over plastic ones simply due to the fact that they are more shock-absorbent upon dropping them from high floors.

This one is from Japan and does indeed look pretty cool.

I like this Wooden Thumb Drive. Its casing is made of cedar wood and provides 1GB of storage capacity. The Wooden Thumb Drive retails for approx. $62 in Japan.

via techfresh,

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Stun Gun with Flashlight!

Definitely in today’s society, you might want to consider getting a Stun Gun to protect yourself.  Of course, a gun can do the same job but it may kill someone while the Stun Gun doesn’t.

This Stun Gun is made of high quality ABS engineered plastic, this unit functions as a very powerful high voltage (200K) shock generator and a extremely bright flashlight in a very small and light weight package.

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Wikia could take a large share of the market as proven by Korean search engine giant Naver.com

This might comes to a shock to some of you but yes, Google’s search engine dominance in South Korea is less than 2%. Proof?

Here’s an image I got from a blog post from Korea:

As you can see in the above graph, Naver.com is dominant with over 70% market share, Daum.net with 12%, Yahoo at 7%, Empas.com at 2%, and Google at the last place

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