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Dental DIY – How to Whiten Your Teeth for FREE!

Do you want to whiten your teeth for free?  Well, NutraBrite is offering some free trials for whitening your teeth without breaking your arm.  You have to pay for shipping but this might be worth it since NutraBrite has been featured on CNN, ABC News, NBC, etc…etc…

Get the Free Trial of NutraBrite here

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Save Earth – Shopping Online is Greener for the Environment!

It’s common sense that shopping online reduces CO2 and saves carbon footprint and it’s better for the environment.


Well, think of it this way, if every retail store shipped their products from one central warehouse location instead of hauling products to each and every retail store using pollution-causing big rig trucks, there would be a LOT of less gas spent of transportation.  (You can take a look at Keetsa, another example of online business that primarily relies on compact packaging and c

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Contest – FREE Coverbee Laptop Sleeve Giveaway!


Yey, I got a new Zebra laptop sleeve from CoverBee in Hollads, Netherlands toda

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zBezt specializes in Replacement Frames for your Digital Photo Frames!

Check out zBezt, an online shop that specializes in replacement frames for your digital photo frames.

They also sell Chumbys which are really cool.

zBezt has just opened their new online store to sell replacement digital frames for your di

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DIY – How to Build a Traffic Cone Lamp!

DIY - How to Build a Traffic Cone Lamp!

Traffic Cone Lamp seems like a such a great idea for making traffic cones safer in general by contractors and alike who use them on a daily basis.

In case you want to just make a Traffic Cone Lamp for your garage, here’s how to do it.

Cones are available on eBay for cheap, but the shipping can be a bit much. Orphan cones are a dime a dozen in cities, but often too dirty and messed up to use. Please don’t steal them from active job sites, because they are safety equipment for someone. Other good

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“Periodic Table” Coffee Table

This beautiful Coffee Table embeds a whole Periodic Table” for those of you who simply can’t get enough with the table in your head alone.

Close-up pics reveal that the table itself doesn’t define what the element is, rather a sample of each element is buried inside as solid block of acrylic.

(The only question I have is, does the table also come with radioactive elements too?)

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RINGBO – Riding Robot for Kids from Korea!


Airrobot Ltd. in Korea, has just started selling RINGO robots in Korea on their online store, Toymart.co.kr, for 290,000 won, equal to about $290 USD. They might ship it to the US if you can pay for shipping…

Lol, maybe I can start selling these on Zedomax.com like

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Aptera Electric Car


Check out this cool lookin’ Aptera Electric Car. They even got bunch of videos on their myspace page.

Looks like a big bug…haha…

Pre-order yours, it looks like this one’s gonna be a lucky one.

But only if you want to become known as the town eccentric. Clocking up a smug environmentalist’s dream 230mpg and maxing out at 55mph, the hybrid electro/diesel freakshow is available

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Free Green Laser


Here’s the green laser we are going to give away! I just got it in the mail from DragonLasers in China! (Yeah, they are shipping directly from China now.) Anyway, I bought 2 AAA batteries to make it work and so you can get a taste of the free laser before we give it out…

This Viper Green Laser pretty nice and handy… just don’t point at people’s eyes… maybe too powerful.

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