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Nature Hack – How to Make “Mushroom” Shelves!

Here’s a great way to to make “natural” mushroom shelves by curing real mushrooms you find on side of trees.  Are you kidding me? This is awesome!

I advise against washing the mushrooms; they aren’t really very dirty, and the added water will hamper your drying and curing efforts.

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IKEA Hack – How to Make a Kitchen Countertop Shelf!

IKEA has probably the cheapest, nicest furniture ever.  Nevermind the fact that 2 coffee tables I have bought from IKEA in the last 2 years have all broke, there’s always room for little hacking such as this cool Kitchen Countertop Shelf that will create a lot of extra space for your kitchen gadgets such as bowls, pans, and whatnot.

I have seen IKEA go from nothing to a national retailer in America and I have to say IKEA is still cheap furniture (I will never buy a coffee table from IKEA ever again) but hacking makes them better.


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LED DIY – How to Make an Awesome LED Cube!

Wow, this has to be the most awesome LED project I have seen in awhile, apart from my LED projects. (okay, haha)

Can you imagine making these cool DIY LED cubes lining up the shelves in your livingroom with the lights off?  It almost reminds me of the XBOX360 logo.

You never know when you might need a glowing cube to convince people you are from the future.

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The New Imperial Gas Grill from Broil King!

I have to admit to being a fanatic about barbeque, especially tri-tips, baby back ribs, and more steaks.  Anyways, Broil King has introduced a new super-duper gas grill called the new Imperial which basically comes with lots of shelves and pretty much decked out for some serious grillin’ time.

I will be one of the first people getting one of these gr

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Speaker Design – Sound Shelf!

Check out this cool design for a speaker called Sound Shelf, basically a shelf with surround speakers built-in to the lining.  I could see this design take off if it reaches the market, do you?  It’d be great if they sold it as iPod dock speakers/shelves.

The iPod craze has definitely made a large market for iPod accessories, which happens to include speakers.  This would be great for teens and college students to have a spot f

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IKEA DIY – How to Hack your own Stripa Shoe Rack!

Do you need a floating shoerack?  Here’s how to make your own shoe rack out of IKEA Stripa!

I really like the J-Me metal shoe rack that works in the same way as this one, but I want a few of these and the J-Me ones cost 50 GBP each. Home made ones I’ve seen made with planks and shelf brackets all look a bit ugly, but using a few of these pre-shaped Ikea shelves is more aesthetically pleasing, uses fewer components, and costs about 8 GBP.

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HP Makes Green Printers from 83% Recycled Plastic!

Here’s another good idea from HP, printers made out of mostly recycled plastic.

Overall, it would boil down to how these things would be available in the market. Being the known brand that HP is, consumers are sure to get their own eco-friendly printers once they see it on the vendor’s shelves.

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