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Home DIY – How to Make an Elan Armoire Wardrobe!

Here’s a cool way to make an Elan Armoire wardrobe without spending $2,199, you just need about $300 for wood and extra parts.

This project may look tough but its really just building a couple of basic plywood boxes and fence style door. Measure twice, cut once and get your friends at the lumberyard to do most of your cutting.

MATERIALS NEEDED: 4 sheets of 4’x8’x3/4” Birch Plywood 72.25

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IKEA DIY – How to Hack your own Stripa Shoe Rack!

Do you need a floating shoerack?  Here’s how to make your own shoe rack out of IKEA Stripa!

I really like the J-Me metal shoe rack that works in the same way as this one, but I want a few of these and the J-Me ones cost 50 GBP each. Home made ones I’ve seen made with planks and shelf brackets all look a bit ugly, but using a few of these pre-shaped Ikea shelves is more aesthetically pleasing, uses fewer components, and costs about 8 GBP.

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