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Top Design – Infinity Aquarium

The Infinity Aquarium provides an eye-soothing experience for your fish and yourself with its visually appealing aquarium that’s also a materpiece work of an art in itself.

May we suggest you get one?  Just don’t try to fit large fish like Sharks.

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Intel’s new intelligent Hand Robot!


Now here’s an intelligent robot that won’t crush your hand as it detects before grabbing stuff.

A robotic hand designed by Intel researchers is able to sense the general shape of objects before interacting with them.

The tips of its fingers send out a weak electrical impulse that objects interfere with, giving the hand a rough idea of what it’s about to grasp. Using electrolocation, as it’

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Robofish will play with Sharks for you and collect data!


Here’s a robot fish fromUniversity of Washington that might just change the way environmental scientists collect data from the sea.

Over the past five years Kristi Morgansen, a University of Washington assistant professor of aeronautics and astronautics, has built three Robofish that communicate with one another underwater. Recently at the International Federation of Automatic Control’s Workshop on Navigation, G

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Blog Break – Max goes to Ocean Beach with his girlfriend’s brother’s dog, Za!


As I promised, I did go to the beach earlier. The one great thing about the beach is that you can see the never-ending ocean.

What does that do for you?

Well, basically, you look at the ocean and forget everything and feel relaxed. Whenever I feel

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Check out this cool DIY on making a submersible shark camera! I’ve never gone shark fishing, well I don’t fish anything I can’t eat and big sharks don’t look like they would taste good. (But I like Tuna and all the other cool edible fish in the big ocean…)  Here’s a cool cheap way to make a submersible cam also…

Last year while shark fis

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