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Recommended Shakes

Cocktail Shaker with Studded Diamonds!

Here’s a really cool cocktail shaker with studded diamonds.  Stand close to the bartender and you might just be able to score when diamonds fall out during the shakes.  Of course, these have to be real diamonds as the shakers do cost an arm and a leg at $50,000 sticker price.

Touted to be the most expensive cocktail shaker in the world, this one is shaped out of pure silver and 18 carat gold and caked with 480 sparkling diamonds. All set to be unveiled at the Bar Convent Berlin 2008, this bejeweled bar utensil comes packed in an exclusive l

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Funny Alarm System for you car


I don’t know if this will be a safe option for alarm systems (in case it goes off when you don’t want it to) but it’s hilarious the way the steering wheel flops around…

via carchops

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