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Magnet HACK – High-speed Magnetic Levitation / Floating Magnets Dude!


Here’s a great demonstration of a levitating magnet with 2 high-speed rotating cylinders.

Maybe someone can take this idea further and make us some hoverboards please!

While working on science museum exhibits in 1990 I came up with the above idea: it is known that a spinning metal disk will lift and fling a strong magnet. Therefore, metal rods with opposite spin will lift a magnet but WON’T fling it sideways. It works! I used “sched-80″ heavy wall copper tubes about 1-3/8

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Remote Controlled Golf Ball

Check out this cool remote controlled golf ball you can get to control the way the ball spins! I might need this for playing for some money on the course…

“The ball has a little spinning gyro in it, and when you activate it from the remote it spins off in random directions. The acceleration varies depending on the ground, and due to its small size it obviously works best on smoother surfaces such as green and tees. All you have

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