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Golf Ball Cake

The news is that someone is selling their house using Digg, but the best part is that this guys made a Titleist golf ball cake! As an avid golfer and user of Titleist golf clubs and balls, I had to post this… Thanks Jack for the tip! More cool cake he

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Kite Trike on the beach


I was on the beach walking my dog today and saw these two guys gettin’ crazy on couple kite trikes. It looks really exciting…

Basically you get on the trike and let the kite move you along the beach. Tight!

You can get one of these buggies and a kite and go crazy on the beach too. Send us some pictures and we will give you $50.

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Networking Time – Promote your blog at SF BETA Party at 111 Mina

Here’s an event for bloggers and people with innovative inventions or ideas around the San Francisco Bay Area. Goto this party and find some hot cute chicks who digg geeks like the ones above if you are a blogger and you want to promote your blog.

Sign up HERE!

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Blogging, a Tax Deductable Home Business?

Is blogging a tax deductable home business? You betcha your mom’s house!

UPDATE: This is information for the U.S., other countries may have similar tax laws 

As we all know, tax returns are coming soon. I just bought this book on home business tax deduction that tells you that as long as you can prove that you are making some money and you are trying to, you can write off stuff for taxes! (Yes, screw the federal government just for these months!)

Well as

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Some FReAKY Overclocking Chip Cooler


Here’s a cool video of a freaky overclocking chip cooler from CES.

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Video DIY – Use Lemons as Batteries

Here’s a cool video of using lemons to power an LED! (which is about 1.8 to 3V!)

Now, how many Lemons do we need to power a 60 watt light bulb?

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Tony Jaa – New Martial Arts Technology DIY


Wow, this is really cool demonstration of do-it-yourself martial arts… Well…I guess not really do-it-yourself, but still too cool not to post…


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DIY – Message Machine for your Pets

Here’s a cool message machine you can make for your dog or cat to let him or her know “you are on the way”, “talk to me”, or “XO” (kisskiss i think).  Interesting to note that this is for a “wireless toy” midterm?  Wow, things have changed a lot since last time I was in college.  That doesn’t sound like midterm at all, looks fun! 🙂

Chatter uses the Plushie Message Framework (chat-parsing script to Arduino to wireless module) to send selected instant messages from your computer to the message pillow. Often times

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ZZZ-chest, Cabinet that turns into a mattress!

Check out this cabinet that turns into a mattress! Awesome little video on how you can save more space around your house or apartment.

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HOWTO: Pick a Common Master Lock With Your BART Card

Here’s a way to hack your master lock with a bart card via sf.metblogs!

Absurd and awesome at the same time! Yes, I do agree, that Blondie’s have the best pizza!

Finally, a use for those old BART cards with $.30 on them… handy for when you get wasted at Blondie’s, miss BART home, and forget y

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