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Golf Ball Cake

The news is that someone is selling their house using Digg, but the best part is that this guys made a Titleist golf ball cake! As an avid golfer and user of Titleist golf clubs and balls, I had to post this… Thanks Jack for the tip! More cool cake he

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Kite Trike on the beach


I was on the beach walking my dog today and saw these two guys gettin’ crazy on couple kite trikes. It looks really exciting…

Basically you get on the trike and let the kite move you along the beach. Tight!

You can get one of these buggies and a kite and go crazy on the beach too. Send us some pictures and we will give you $50.

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Networking Time – Promote your blog at SF BETA Party at 111 Mina

Here’s an event for bloggers and people with innovative inventions or ideas around the San Francisco Bay Area. Goto this party and find some hot cute chicks who digg geeks like the ones above if you are a blogger and you want to promote your blog.

Sign up HERE!

via sfblogg

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Free wifi coming soon to San Francisco and Zedomax too

Garrett and Kenji have been telling me free wifi is coming to San Francisco pretty soon which isn’t new since the mayor promised this almost 2 years ago. Anyways, we are looking forward to the free internet since our pockets are becoming more empty every day. But if you don’t live in SF, you

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HOWTO: Pick a Common Master Lock With Your BART Card

Here’s a way to hack your master lock with a bart card via sf.metblogs!

Absurd and awesome at the same time! Yes, I do agree, that Blondie’s have the best pizza!

Finally, a use for those old BART cards with $.30 on them… handy for when you get wasted at Blondie’s, miss BART home, and forget y

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DIY – Ultimate Night Vision Headlamp – Night golfer’s tools for putting

Here’s a cool DIY on how to make your own night vision headlamp. Well since I don’t really go to caves, I don’t really need one but I’ve always been thinking of making a useful night light for putting on the putting green at my local public golf course, Lincoln Park. This would be great as I’d be able to putt and follow my ball with simple twist of my head…

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Video – College Students Invent AWESOME Parallel Parking Device

[gv data=”4rvUq0FWfBs”][/gv]

Wow, check this out! College students invent awesome parallel parking device. This is very useful for people living in big cities. I wouldn’t call San Francisco a very big city, but there are lots of parking problems and this is a great invention! via techeblog

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Flashing Sunglass

I was at the Castro Halloween event in San Francisco on Halloween the other day. I noticed a whole bunch of people wearing these. Well, now I know where to get one for my next cool event!

Good thing we didn’t get shot, well, i didn’t know about the shooting…good… 😛

via coolest-gadgets

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SMS Earthquake Alert; Letting You Know There’s Only Seconds to Live by Cellphone

Cool, maybe i need to get this…

Having lived in San Francisco for the last four years I thought that by now I would have gotten my first decent earthquake out of the way. But alas, I am still an earthquake virgin. So I walk around with the question looming in my head, “When will it hit & then what the hell do I do?”

Luckily enough, the San Francisco City Government has my back. It just

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Zedomax DIY 114- Halloween HOWTO make a Pitchfork LED!


Okay, I grabbed a pitchfork for halloween for a dollar at the new $1 store in SF Fillmore district… I didn’t really have any ideas but after I put in bunch of LEDs on the pitchfork, I realized you can display letters too! Anyways, this is the most fun diy so far.

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