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DIY iPhone Controlled R2D2!

Here’s the cool R2D2 robot of the day, one that can be controlled via an iPhone!  I have to say this is becoming more realistic than all that other junk they sell online, awesome!

I found a way to remote control my R2D2 with an iPhone. I’ve got minimal control working now. Once I perfect it, I will share more details, but for now this will wet your appetite. In the videos I demonstrate controlling a servo and the dome motor using an iPhone using the accelerometer (tilting the iPhone contro

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Halloween DIY – How to Make an LED Pumpkin with Arduino!


Yey, here’s another cool LED Pumpkin you can make, sorta different from the one I made couple years ago but this one, you can use Arduino to make it.

The Arduino is programmed to pulse the eye LEDs until the victim, I mean trick-or-treater, presses the big red button. At that point the bright white LED will glow, there will be a slight delay, and the servo will trigger a blast from

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DIY Remote Controlled Tortoise(or Turtle?) Robot!


Wow, this is kinda nifty robot.  It’s an RC controlled tortoise(or turtle) that does absolutely nothing but go really slow.

R/C Tortoise is a very simple r/c tortoise “bot” with direct control, using a 4 channel radio system. It uses 4 sub micro servos, and each axis of the transmitter stick controls a servo.

via techeblog

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Cool ROBOT – Servo Snake Bot!


This is sick! Check out the servo snakebot using an Atmel Atmega32 microcontroller and bunch of Futaba servos!  You can see more videos of the snakebot here.

The robot consists of nine cars connected with eight Futaba serv

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Funky Futuba Robot

[gv data=”Ce9AswIM4ls”][/gv]

Here’s a cool robot like the Robonova with lots of fast movement.

Futaba reportedly plans to sell its new Futuba Robot worldwide for just $1,200 each. The 10-inch tall humanoid robot uses 11 high torque servos and 9 lightweight servos for the upper body for SUPER-FAST MOVEMENT.

The robot kit takes two hours to build, and will come with 15 pre-programmed moves or use an included motion editor to build their own. Here comes the VID

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Advanced Acrobatic Robot from Robonova sells at Hammacher Schlemmer for $1200

[gv data=”cb5uR0eIiw4″][/gv]

Wow, I just got my Hammacher Schlemmer catalog and found this robot for $1200, hmmm, maybe they can send me a sample… Nice complete servo robot to get started with.

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Obi-Wan the Cursor using Make Controller!

[gv data=”QDRA6LNKA40″][/gv]

Here’s an interesting project that could be used for many applications including “airmouse”…

…use four screens, and sometimes lose my cursor. No more! I have Obi-WanQui-Gon to point the way for me. Using the Makezine Controller, a small X program, OSC, and a pair of servo motors, I have a real-life cursor. The X program tracks the cursor, and ten times a second, sends an OSC (Open Sound Con

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